No, I can't get you a date with him!

The Crazy Life of a Human in the SuperNatural World.

Work for a Vampire, married to a Witch, can my life get any weirder?


Electrifying Lackey!

When Sixx & I were staying in Scotland, I thought it’d be fun to trace my ancestry, find out if my heritage was pure Scots, as I always believed. With Mena Grazie’s research assistance, we discovered I am a direct descendent of Isobel Gowdie, a renowned Scottish Wicca practitioner, born in 1632, who’s life did not end well. I thought this was pretty cool, perhaps it was one of the reasons I was so smitten with my witch wife, maybe even the reason I was receptive to channeling her powers when we were together, but I didn’t put any more importance on this information.

Painting of Isobel Gowdie by Robert Ingpen

Isobel Gowdie - Hmm, wonder what gave her away?

When we moved back to Shreveport, what with house hunting & getting the place ready for the kids & the dogs to join us, the subject of my lineage was all but forgotten, until one night a couple of weeks ago…

Sixx has been training me for a while, making us a stronger fighting unit, in case of threats or attacks, common occurrences when you’re in the employ of a powerful vampire. It was fun to make snowballs in my hands, even small flames. Couple of times I even created fire balls that I could hurl into the woods.

No matter what I was able to do, I always attributed it to Sixx’s gifts, that she was allowing me to use them, until the training session on October 13.

We went to the woods as usual, (not the type of training you do at a gym) and started working. Everything was normal at first, same stuff we’d been doing, when suddenly something took over, a surge of electricity coursing through me, shooting out of my fingers into the darkness. Shocked the shit outta me, shocked the life out of a rabbit. I was horrified, I’d never hurt any animal, I pleaded with Sixx to bring it back. What force had she unleashed through me? Didn’t she know I wasn’t capable of handling that kind of energy?

Sixx protested, it wasn’t her doing, she had blocked her powers from me, this was all me. How can that be? Is it possible I have the “Gift”? Could it really be passed down through so many generations? I blocked the questions and doubts from my mind. If I don’t say anything or do anything about it, maybe it’ll go away on its own.  I don’t even know if I want this. I’m happy being a plain old human.

I know I can’t ignore it much longer, but for now, I’m happy letting it rest, living contentedly with my wife, kids & dogs, working for Eric Northman. Let’s hope I never need to find out what exactly it is I can do!


In Happy Exile

A few months ago, there was a bit of trouble on the home front, so Sixx & I decided to get away from Louisiana for while. Both of us could work remotley and the Sheriff acquiesced (which was darned nice of him). Sixx bought me (us) a house in Scotland for our wedding, so we packed up the dogs, the zombie kids & took up residence on the Isle of Skye.

Our home on the Isle of Skye

Our home on the Isle of Skye

Recently she’s been getting strange feelings, & we’ve had reports about the troubles at home. The Sheriff & Pam need us, we miss our friends, time to return. We’re cautious, Sixx is a witch & there may be a  little bit of magick in me too.  The Sheriff assures us he has the situation in hand. We wait for news of the demise of the necromancer, Antonia & her host, Marnie. Maybe then it’ll be safe for us to come home.